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            David B. Bolen, II


Mr. Bolen is an award-winning author and belief expert who for over 25 years has pioneered ground in the field of personal and organizational development.  He is the founder of LifeCEO and the creator of a copyrighted program called "Belief System Structuring". His discoveries are being supported by brain researchers that suggest we can alter our life expeiences and associated memories to reflect a more joyful and productive contribution to our families and with our professional colleagues.


He emphasizes the personal responsibility of individuals to select beliefs that are consistent with thier life's Purpose and the essence of  their heart's desire. This allows the whole organization to function consistently at a high level of emotional intelligence;  Less drama, more FUN, greater innovation, productivity and profitability.



Turning Purpose into Prosperity

“A refreshingly creative, insightful, approach to       personal and ultimately societal change.”
               - Barry Neil Kaufman, The Option Institute, Sheffield, MA
 Call LifeCEO: 541-261-6220
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