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Beliefs About Family

Family can be defined biologically, by company culture or by social group.   For many, the single greatest asset and detriment to personal development is the family. Our family environment gives us an initial image of what life is and how we will respond to it.  Observations we have of our family's behavior influences our disposition toward life.  We take on personality characteristics that are trusting, fearful, loving, angry, freeing, restrictive, accepting or judgemental.


Families can pass on their life orientation and belief systems for generations.  One common belief is that tradition must be maintained.  Unfortunately, some traditions serve to impede the evolution of our inner sense.  We subscribe to the belief that because our families survived doing things the old-fashioned way, it must be the best way.  This thinking never considers that there may a be healthier and more rewarding alternative.  Those who lack the pioneering spirit choose to live with self-imposed limitations.  By restricting our freedom we are undermining our true potential.  Choosing to break tradition and to follow our inner sense can lead us to a life filled with possibilities, miracles, and a life that feels effortless and more joyful.



                             THE MIND SOMETIMES ACTS AS A DAM,

                         HOLDING BACK THE FLOW OF THE HEART.




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