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                                        from David B. Bolen, II

                                      copyright 2016 by David B. Bolen, II

                                                                  All Rights Reserved

-  Only one Belief leads to success.  That belief is, "I am Successful!" Choose this Belief and you'll
    see instant manifestation.
-  Wherever you go, show up as a ray of sunshine!
-  To insure you die happy you must commit your life to happiness in evey moment.
-  Instead of goals, create a vision of how you want your life to be. Your vision will bring joy and            a lasting since of success in every moment.
-  Many get on the wrong train because they don't have a life Vision or Purpose.!
-  Confidence is believing that you are Confident.
-  Are you managing time or is time managing you?
-  If you are still alive, you have not failed. Why believe that you failed at anything if your life is not        over yet?
-  Why are you looking for success outside yourself? You are always just one belief away from being      successful.
-  We are taught to be externally focused. Self-Awareness comes from being internally focused.
-  The emotional reward buried in your Vision will lead to the manifestation of your desires once             you release your fear.
-  Why are you waiting to attain a goal to be happy? Be Happy and watch how easily you
    manifest your heart's desire.
-  A fulfilled life comes only from believing you have a fulfilled life!
-  Once you've created the vision, you have already created the reality!
-  Be passionate about your Purpose and you will have instant manifestation of success.
-  Dreams(Vision) help us imagine and experience another reality. The reason for setting goals is to        help us experience that reality in the physical. We believe that the physical manifestation of our            dreams will be richer and more valid. In actuality, once we achieve a goal the emotional payoff will    only last a short time. For example, consider winning the championship game. Next year, we will        need to win again to recreate the emotional high. If we lose we will likely feel disappointed(failure).    Our emotions become slave to the physical reality. When we understand that our Purpose is greater    than the physical, we will begin to achieve emotional success without depending on the physical          proof for our fulfillment. If we accept that our dreams (Vision) are a valid reality we can be happy        and excited even without setting or achieving goals. We are only a failure when we believe we are.      Conversely, we will only be successful once we believe we are!
-  Life fulfillment is an internal experience. When we seek life fulfillment externally we disempower        ourselves from honoring and following our true Purpose.
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