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                                        from David B. Bolen, II

                                      copyright 2016 by David B. Bolen, II

                                                                  All Rights Reserved

-  What would you do differently today if you really loved yourself?
-  Instead of allowing stress to be your motivator why not stay focused on your intention and vision        to create what you want.
-  Today is the first day of the rest of your life! How will you begin?
-  Wherever you go, show up as a ray of sunshine!
-  Be attached to your Purpose and passion and not to the results produced. The results will appear        & speak for themselves.
-  To get that Friday feeling every day, look in the mirror & say to yourself out loud, "I LOVE YOU!"
-  Stress, pressure, anxiety, worry, risk are constructs of the mind and your ego. Learn to Love &            Trust. You'll reclaim your confidence.
-  You can celebrate your own life with Joy or grieve your losses. You get to choose which best honors     your emotional wellbeing.
-  Don't have time for vacation? Create your own paradise.  Imagination is the key.
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