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                                        from David B. Bolen, II

                                      copyright 2016 by David B. Bolen, II

                                                                  All Rights Reserved

-  I believe love is an emotional state that fulfills our life Purpose. Unfortunately, many believe love is    an externally derived, focused and measured experience. First, nurture yourself and then share the      joy that comes from love of self with all that you encounter. (A well intended tow truck can't rescue      anyone if it is in the ditch too.)
-  Be overjoyed and live as if you love yourself!
-  True love is not about someone else! It is only about you and your own experience.  Be someone          who freely shares that special experience.
-  Kiss the back of your hand & then gently rub the back of your hand over your cheek & say to              yourself out loud, "I LOVE YOU!"
-  Define yourself by external factors & you give others permission to dismiss the most loving part of      your true self.
-  Beware of suitors bearing expensive gifts.  True love is the gift!
-  People get married & divorced for the exact same reason. They want to be Happy for the rest of          their lives.
-  Our true Purpose in life is to honor our loving and joyful emotions. Yet many of us have a greater        commitment to our anger and worry than to our happiness. If you want to insure you die happy, you    must commit to living happy in every moment. This happiness policy costs you nothing more than a      premium of self-love.
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