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"David has coached me, both personally and professionally, and revealed the connection of my personal beliefs with business management practices and relationships. The interconnected relationship between beliefs and behavior has been a crucial concept in understanding my mind and formulating plans to achieve my goals. David's relatable style is remarkably calming and reassuring, while challenging me to strive for more success as I define it."
                                                                                                    - M. Johnson, Jacksonville, OR
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                      Discover The Art of Impactful Self-Leadership


What makes our program different is that we are the orignators of the LifeCEO process.  This process is based on the award-winning book, The Essence of Living: Reaching Beyond Global Insanity and a second book, How You See It, How You Don't: Discover the Magic and Power of Your Own Beliefs.  Both books were written by LifeCEO founder, David B. Bolen, II.  He is an expert on individual belief structures and teaches how beliefs support or undermine success and fulfillment. 


There has been much information disseminated regarding leadership, personal awareness, emotional intelligence, coaching, change management, organizational development, diversity, inclusion and other movements.  Our LifeCEO proven principles of self-leadership were outlined in the above mentioned books and have been incorporated into practice for over 25 years.  In fact, the philosophical foundation for today's trends in personal achievement, emotional intelligence and self-leadership can be traced to concepts articulated in Mr. Bolen's books.  


We look forward to assisting you and your colleauges to live a more balanced, fulfilled and successful life regardless of what you are doing or where you are. 


To discover the benefits and impact of LifeCEO,

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