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Spiritual Beliefs 

Faith is like hope unless we take personal responsibility for acknowledging our essence and the power of our inner sense.  Faith in a set of beliefs that are given to us by someone else provides us with little ownership of our lives; we live from a set of assumptions that we seldom challenge or verify.  This type of blind faith is a facade for those who are not willing to let go of their ego or fear. On the other hand, faith when derived from our souls takes on a different characteristic.


The faith we have in our inner sense is our spirtual knowledge that works miracles in our lives. If we spend time praying, hoping, going regularly to church, observing religous dogma, historic rituals, and traditions out of fear, we may never recognize our true essence.  We're often taught if we "do the right things" we will be saved.  Now is the time to stop the focus on "doing" and instead start "be-ing" true to our essence.  We can not "act" our way to Heaven.  If our state of being does not include self-love, sincere compassion, understanding, tolerance, patience, forgiveness, and generosity we will be assured we will not attain a state of Heaven. Integrity is an intergral characteristic of inner peace. It is the difference between Heaven and Hell.




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