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                                        from David B. Bolen, II

                                      copyright 2016 by David B. Bolen, II

                                                                  All Rights Reserved

-  A highly evolved person (leader) operates outside the paradigm that it is his/her responsibility to        motivate others. Instead, they share awareness and tools that allow individuals to engage in self-        leadership thus producing a culture of inspiration and motivation.
-  Leaders don't bring out the best in others, they merely assist others to bring out the best in                   themselves!
-  The essence of  true leadership is learning to be yourself.  Enough so that others can achieve their      personal success through your love.  Exercise this style of  leadership daily.
-  When performing, play from the heart, regardless if it's rehearsal or a large crowd. Enjoy the                 passion!
-  Leadership is derived by ones state of "be-ing" which will determine how you "be-have". "Be-come"    more self-aware and clear about your life's Purpose. Others who resonate with the same Purpose        and state of being will show up in support .
-  Anger is derived from the belief, "I will not get what I want." To quickly let go of anger change your     belief.
-  Everyone operates from a set of beliefs. Our beliefs represent our "truth" and we are never wrong!      However, we all aspire to a common human experience. Our beliefs merely represent our chosen          path to that common experience. Your greatest influence will not be in changing someone else's            belief but to help them reach that common experience while honoring your own Purpose. At that          point there will be a shared perspective and everyone wins!
-  Honoring diversity means honoring our humanity and the quest for a common human experience.
-  Change is difficult when we imagine a worse case scenario. Change is easy and exciting when we      imagine an improvement in our lives. Which will you choose?
-  Purpose can best be defined as your preferred state of "be-ing", regardless of what you do.
-  Behaviors are born out of emotions and emotions derive energy from preceding beliefs. Leaders          who possess a belief system that is in alignment with their Purpose will have the greatest impact of      success on themselves, their families, organizations and communities.
-  Beliefs create a self-fulfilling reality. For example: "People are afraid of any type of change....",          "Taking people out of their comfort zone can be very difficult", "Knocking down barriers to change       can be painful". These beliefs are contrary to facilitating the change we want to see. Choose only        those beliefs that support your Purpose and you will see your preferred results appear with ease!
-  There are different leadership styles. If someone believes they are a leader then they are, if only in       their own mind. However, someone who has to convince others of their leadership ability probably     doesn't truly believe their own rhetoric and are harboring personal insecurities. Unfortunately,           there are many followers of all leadership styles. By applying some emotional intelligence, those         with greater self-awareness can choose to counter authoritarian and abusive leaders with                     impactful self-leadership. This is how we neutralize toxicity and change the world with love!
-  Every nail with low self-esteem will find a willing partner in a leader who thrives on being a                hammer.
-  Lead by example!  Happiness is not something we create for others. We must encourage others to        empower themselves through greater self-awareness and by exercising emotional intelligence.  Are       you happy right now?
-  If you are dependent on followers to be a leader, then you may not be a leader at all.
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