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                                        from David B. Bolen, II

                                      copyright 2016 by David B. Bolen, II

                                                                  All Rights Reserved

                                                      ARE YOU AN ANGEL IN DISGUISE? 



Can you imagine what your life would be like if you arose tomorrow morning transformed into an angel? You would be spiritually awakened and empowered  to be the messenger of love, peace and joy.  Surprisingly, many people have never explored their imagination and how they would feel if their lives were transformed.  Therefore, they have little chance of realizing their potential to serve as an angel or messenger of light.  Meanwhile, others don't believe it is possible to have such a transformation in this lifetime. Perhaps, it is because they don't believe they are worthy or capable of being a messenger of God.  Ironically, it is this type of limiting belief that keeps many people in a lifelong search and thus, leaving their angelic and human potential underutilized.


Is it possible to become an angel and explain to others how to have personal fulfillment in this life?  How about at this very moment?  The secret may lie in the power of your own beliefs.  But can you serve as an angel if you do not fully understand the message that you are here to deliver?  Once you become aware of your "emotional purpose" you can begin to align your beliefs accordingly to support that purpose.  Most people have a shared or common purpose; they want to feel happy, healthy, comfortable, fulfilled, energetic, loving and other wonderful feelings.  Some people see their desire for an emotionally rewarding life as their life's "goal".  Humans typically subscribe to goals while angels seek to fulfill their spiritual purpose in every moment.  Once we empower ourselves to fulfill our purpose we become the conduits and messengers that we know as angels.


There are many beliefs about how to achieve spiritual success.  Despite their stated intention to find the truth, many seekers are first and foremost committed to the belief that their life will be a journey and an ongoing struggle.  Even though most of us share a common purpose, we experience life as ordinary humans.  Why?  Because we have ordinary beliefs about who we really are.  We stay invested in believing that our past, present and future experiences are restricted to the mundane.


In every moment, we define our life experiences by imagining ourselves to be safe (comfortable feelings) or threatened (uncomfortable feelings).  How we imagine our lives to be at any moment will determine if we respond with the wisdom of an angel or the stubbornness of the human ego.  Of course, the most important point is to know if our emotional purpose is best fulfilled when we feel like angels or ordinary humans.  Regardless of the situation or circumstance in which we find ourselves, we must always honor our commitment to our emotional and spiritual purpose. Our integrity serves as the angelic passport to personal freedom, enlightenment, transformation and fulfillment.


A woman once told me her sister was in the hospital suffering with cancer.  The woman was frightened and stressed by her sister's condition. She viewed her sister's illness as a tragedy.  While wanting to help her sister heal and recover, she did not believe it was possible to be joyful. I asked the woman if her sister's recovery was better served by beliefs that caused her sadness or by beliefs that created a joyful emotion.  She realized that her role as an angel or healer was better served while she was in a state of joy.  By selecting beliefs that are in alignment with our spiritual purpose, we also fulfill our inherent role as angels.


In another instance, a caller explained how she awoke one morning believing and deciding to be happy for that day. After being at work for several hours, she became irritated with her boss. She concluded that just

deciding to be happy does not work.  However, what she didn't realize is that her commitment to her anger was greater than her commitment to her own happiness and her angelic purpose.  The beliefs that support her reasons for anger are in conflict with the beliefs that she has pertaining to her ability to create happiness.


Unfortunately, many of us have been conditioned to believe that our joy, or lack thereof, is someone's fault or responsibility other than our own.  We often become dependent on authority figures to solve our problems.  Without the help of experts, we sometimes believe we will remain victims of circumstances such as unhealthy relationships, jobs, finances, or poor health. If we believe that others can create, fix, or cause us to feel certain emotions, we may eventually realize that this belief undermines our ability to fulfill our own emotional purpose.  The solution to our dissatisfaction and the key to our personal joy is to be consciously aware of which beliefs serve our emotional and physical well-being and which beliefs do not.  I believe we return to our angelic state when we realize that we are the best experts on our own lives.


When you experience feelings that you would prefer not to have, you probably harbor a fear-based belief that triggers those uncomfortable feelings.  At that moment of awareness, you can always choose another belief that may be more in alignment with your purpose.  While this is very easy to experience, many people harbor self-conflicting beliefs that might lead them to say, "It can't be that simple", "I can't change my beliefs that quickly", "It is too hard to do", "I am not angel material", etc.  My question is, how do these limiting beliefs serve you in creating and sustaining your joy?


You always have the choice to believe whatever you want or what someone else tells you.  Perhaps you remember believing that Santa Claus came down the chimney with gifts at Christmas. Many adults who still love the spirit of Saint Nick no longer believe that he actually flies through the sky with reindeer and gifts.


Why and how did you come to change the beliefs in your own life?  In the final analysis, the beliefs you choose will determine your life experiences.  If you have conflicting beliefs, your life may feel like an emotional roller coaster. However, you have the power to select only those beliefs that are in harmony with your emotional and spiritual purpose. What beliefs will you choose now?


Our emotions are a powerful gift that we have to help us determine if our beliefs are in alignment with our purpose. One of the most empowering beliefs that we can choose to accelerate our personal transformation is the belief that we have already transformed and are successfully fulfilling our emotional and spiritual purpose (imagine that!!).  What I believe, and what many others are discovering, is that life is truly blissful when we take the responsibility to consciously choose only those beliefs that support the fulfillment of our personal joy and well-being.  We are all here as messengers to share the glory of our being.  This holiday season, and always, choose to believe that you are an angel, and watch heaven appear right here on earth!

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